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Finding Football
January 13, 2010, 1:14 pm
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I have been thinking about this blog for a long time now and it’s about time I actually started writing!

There have been lots of stories in the football world over the last week – sadly, one that particularly stood out was the tragedy that happened on Angolan soil in the build-up to the African Cup of Nations. After travelling from neighbouring Congo, the Togo team bus was attacked by gunmen who reportedly opened heavy fire on the vehicle for 30 minutes. The driver was killed instantly and nine others were seriously injured. Manchester City striker and Togo captain Emmanuel Adebayor  revealed that the team’s press officer died in his arms as he spoke to The Guardian newspaper about the experience: 

This was going to be a big year for the African Cup of Nations – a huge competition in its own right and also a curtain-raiser for the World Cup, which will take place in South Africa later this year, and it couldn’t have got off to a worse start. It’s so sad that Africa’s chance to shine has been taken away by some opportunistic killers. Togo pulled out of the competition before their first game was due to take place and sadly, the death toll has risen to three. Let’s hope that the rest of the tournament can continue in peace, with some fantastic games along the way.

Finding football in Hawaii can be difficult. If I didn’t have the internet it would be pretty damn impossible. My early mornings normally follow the same routine: get up, turn on the computer – check out the BBC Football website and gossip column, check The Guardian’s football section and perhaps take a look at Football365 and some of the tabloid websites too. Just in case there are any important stories I may have missed. After that it’s time to head to the beach and check the surf. If it’s good then football all but disappears from my thoughts until later in the day, when I am all surfed out and check back at my favourite news sources to get updated.


Maui. Not too different from England, as you can see...

As luck would have it, I have just returned from a great surf (when I say great I don’t allude to my own skills in the water – I am pretty new to the sport, but it’s always an amazing experience – I really love it and maybe, just maybe, one day I will be able to make it look easy. Like the good surfers do…)  and I have run into some good news! Sorry to all you fans from the red half of Liverpool but, thanks to Reading FC, who registered a 2-1 win at Anfield, you have just been knocked out of the FA Cup. That makes it no Champions League and no FA Cup for you this season… I won’t crow about this too much but I have to admit, it did make me smile. What is going on? Surely Rafa has to go. There really are some problems at Anfield at the moment, something I will have to discuss/examine in a future blog.

So, I have my news sources saved in my favourites list and it’s easy to find out what’s happening in football around the world 24/7 but I have been a little concerned about where to watch games. With the World Cup on the not-too-distant horizon and plenty of Champions League and Premier League games on the menu in coming weeks, I had started to get a little concerned about where I could watch the action. After all, how am I going to write about football if I don’t see any? But, after a chance conversation outside a cafe last week, I was introduced to another big  fan who, as luck would have it, shows any game you like in his bar/restaurant right here on Maui. It’s about 10 minutes away by bike and just perfect – they show soccer all the time. Hallelujah!


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Aaahh..if only we didn’t have to call it soccer.

But we do…and those that only know it by such a name,my one day realise,that realise,is not spelled with a Zee,and the game is called Football.

In the mean time,all we can do, is continue to make sure that the beautiful game, is always available on Maui, and that we kindred souls are …..well, I was going to say united…
….. but that got stuck in my throat!!;-)

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Comment by Roger

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