The S – Word


Hello and welcome to my blog, The S – Word. I’ve created these pages to keep in touch with a sport I love, to keep writing and to remain  involved with my ‘former life’ of football journalism. Hopefully this will be a football blog with a difference. The difference being I am half a world away from the European leagues, from Sky Sports, the endless tactical conversations with colleagues and friends, the tabloids, the list goes on…

After living in the UK and devoting many years to football journalism (some of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding years of my life), it was time to leave – to bid goodbye to my job, the cold weather, to London life and more. Lucky for me  Hawaii is the place I now call home and life is fantastic, but I hate to admit it – football has turned into the dreaded S – Word. Soccer.  Never thought it’d happen and as my fellow English football fans would agree, ‘soccer’ is not a word to say if you want to be taken seriously. Hence the name of this blog.

I hope you enjoy The S – Word, where I’ll be commenting on stories from the football world, counting down to South Africa 2010 and generally ruminating about the sport I love. All with a Hawaiian twist. Whether it will be possible to keep abreast of football in the way I used to remains to be seen but it will be fun trying…

Thank you for reading!


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